How to Haggle for a Cheap Phone Deal

Did you know that 67% of phone subscribers in the UK are overspending on their phone bill according to BillMonitor? Even with a multitude of incentives, rebates and promotions, why is this still happening? Well, it’s mainly because providers are clever. They lure you with an initially cheap phone deal only to rack up the fixed monthly fee with hidden charges and additional costs.

Before you knew it, you’re already paying for more than you need. Fortunately, there is such as a thing as haggling. When done right, you can haggle for a better deal affording you a ton of savings month after month.

If you’ve been with your provider for a while now, the list of haggling tricks below is perfect for you to try.

Downgrade or upgrade to a different plan

Check your recent phone bills and compare your call, text and data usage. If you notice that your plan is no longer meeting your monthly needs then it’s time to either downgrade or upgrade to a new plan.

If you’ve been with your provider over a year and you’re hooked to a 24-month contract, chances are high that you may be able to upgrade or downgrade at minimal fees. Make sure to call customer service and inquire about your eligibility to make this move. Also make sure to find the right plan that will meet your current phone service needs as closely as possible.

Remember that for every minute of call excess or data usage excess you use, regular rates apply and these charges are often responsible for racking up your phone bill unreasonably.

Inquire about better tariffs

You can also haggle for a better tariff by simply calling customer service. Tell them you’re not happy with your current tariff. With customer representatives trained to retain customers as much as possible, the odds are always on your side. But make sure you have convincing arguments ready to win the negotiation.

If you think your current tariff is expensive, prove it with comparison sites. You can use top comparison sites to compare similar phone deals, which you can bring up when negotiating with your provider.

Another trick is to just go for it even without supporting arguments. Just be confident and tell your operator your current tariff is too expensive. If you’re confident, chances are high that you’ll be offered a cheaper tariff. While you’re at it, you might also request for a better package and even a phone upgrade. Who knows, you might get what you want by simply asking.

Ask to get transferred to customer retention

If you aren’t given what you want, a better tariff that is, you can request to get transferred to the customer retention department. The department goal’s is one and the same, to keep you as customer. All you need to do is repeat the same request that you want a better package at a more affordable rate plus a phone upgrade to cap off the deal.

If you have been a good payer of your fixed monthly fees, your chances of getting what you want is even higher with this department. Just keep in mind though that there may be drawback. One is the possibility of being locked into a new contract.

Switch providers

If speaking with the people from the retention department did not work then it might be the best time to switch to a new provider. You might find it a hassle but considering that your current provider was not willing to go the extra mile for you then you are certainly better off somewhere else.