5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Deal

If you’re like most people, you probably can’t wait to get your hands on the latest handsets. They’re innovative and packed with superb features any tech-savvy consumers cannot simply resist. There’s just one hitch though. Mobile phones, especially that latest offers in the market, are extremely expensive. Buying it upfront is one option but most of us can’t spare the cash. This is where phone contracts come handy.

With a phone contract, you get to avail the latest handset without paying for it upfront. Instead, you get hooked to a fixed monthly fee for 24 months covering the cost of the phone and your phone services. All in all, it sounds like a good deal, right? Most people think so while a reputable survey say otherwise.

According to a recent survey, majority of phone contract subscribers in the UK are overspending on their phone bill. In fact, the overspending has been recorded to be in the tune of several billions of sterling pounds per year. Fortunately, there are things you can do to save money on your phone bill.

Start with your needs

One of the reasons why subscribers overspend is because they choose phone deals that do not meet their needs. If you want to pay only for what you need then you need to take your time to assess your needs first.

According to Ofcom, subscribers in the UK use an average of 2GB of data per month. Many continue to subscribe to more data and some even opt for an unlimited data package. This is fine if you’re a heavy data user but totally unwise if you’re like most people. Before signing any deal, make sure you know your needs to avoid overspending.

Choose a lower capacity phone

Higher capacity phones are obviously more expensive than lower capacity options. To save money on your phone deal, you are recommended to stick with the latter option. Of course, getting the 64GB iPhone 6 may seem like the best choice now but if you really think about, it’s rarely that a subscriber uses up all those storage anyway. By opting for a lower capacity phone, lower your fixed monthly fee and save money in the long run.

Steer clear from free gifts

In order to get ahead of the competition and lure customers, providers are offering all types of incentives. Many providers offer free gifts as part of a phone contract plan. While advertised as free, that’s rarely the case when you look at the fine print much closely. The fee for said free gift is often added and hidden on your fixed monthly fee. As much as possible, steer clear of them to avoid overspending.

Consider a family plan

You might also want to consider getting a phone contract with the entire family. Group or family plans typically offer cheaper rates than personal pay monthly contracts. You can invite family, friends or even your colleagues to apply for a group plan with you to save money. Other than the cheaper rates, another perk is the free minutes you can enjoy when calling other members within the same group plan.

Avoid additional features

Keep the features minimal to keep your fixed monthly fee minimal. Sure, all those extra features may seem attractive and they are but they’re also rarely maximized. Even if you’re not really using the features, you still have to pay for them anyway because it’s a fixed fee adding to your total monthly fee. If you can do without the additional features, cutting back will do wonders on your phone bill savings.